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Organic certified and sustainably grown, hand-picked, high elevation and rainforest grown, roasted in small batches. Yes, you’ve seen these attributes from other premium and specialty coffee brands, but CAFFÉVO® is all that and so much more. It also gives you all those helpful free-radical fighters, a.k.a antioxidants, in the form of polyphenols.

Free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage cells, causing illness and aging. An antioxidant is a molecule stable enough to donate an electron to a rampaging free radical and neutralize it, reducing its capacity to damage. Antioxidants delay or inhibit cellular damage mainly through their free radical scavenging property. No matter where you live or how clean you eat, free radicals are here to stay, but with CAFFÉVO® made with the multi-patented HEALTHYROAST® process, rest assured that you are fighting those free radicals one cup at a time. 

HEALTHYROAST® uses a water extraction process before roasting to preserve most of the natural polyphenol compounds found in the green coffee bean. During the roasting process, when the cell walls of the beans are still open, the antioxidants are reabsorbed.

CAFFÉVO® uses the multi-patented HEALTHYROAST® process to retain most of the naturally occurring antioxidants found in green coffee – without any additives or preservatives. CAFFÉVO® gives you a level of antioxidants that is equal to or greater than those found in most green teas. It also has 50 – 100% more antioxidants than other comparable arabica coffees depending on the type of roast.